Writing an Essay with good Essay Writing Tips takes the following things: Time, Intensity, and Focus. If you don’t have time for all three, then you may be selling yourself short.

Although essay writing tips may be different for each person, I have utilized various strategies in both high school and graduate school. So, it is important that you view these tips and ultimately decide for yourself what you would like to accomplish based on your own skills and methods.

The first essay writing tip is to always be prepared with your research or subject matter. It is impossible and/or a waste of time to sit down in front of your computer if you do not know the subject of what you are writing. For example, if you are writing about Abraham Lincoln, it is first worthwhile to have researched Honest Abe extensively before drafting either informative or persuasive essays about him. So, first, you must research and research well.

The next essay writing tips include knowing your audience. However, since you are most likely writing for a teacher, make sure you comply with the assignment. Is your essay persuasive or informative? If you are writing a persuasive essay, you need to first capture the attention of your audience and then develop a persuasive argument. Be sure to cite facts and evidence in support of your argument. If you are writing an informative essay, be sure to always start with an introduction as to the person or subject as to what you are writing.

Third, always remember to use numbering or bullet points. Essay writing tips always include structure to an essay and paper. If the reader does not know where they are in the paper, they will get lost and become uninterested. So, insert roman numerals throughout your paper; basically start with “I., II, III.” and so on. Put your important topics in those numerals and explain each of them in that section. This is the best way possible to organize logical, coherent thoughts and earn you a great grade.

Fourth, make sure you have the requisite amount of time to complete your project. If your paper requires research, it may be impossible to write your entire essay the night before since you will be researching.

Finally, any essay writing tips would not be complete without mentioning the concept of originality. Every paper or essay you write must be original and unique. With services such as turnitin.com available to many professors today, you will get caught if you plagiarize material off the Internet or elsewhere. So, unless you are citing a direct quotation, never ever copy and paste things into a paper. If you want to model something off a previous paper, do so in a separate document before putting it in the document itself.

Essay writing tips will always include the above provisions. It is important that you realize that great writing requires great work. People who write well will get better jobs and careers as to those who do not. If you have any questions, please submit your info to the form on the right.

- Joe